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We at StreetSpot love beautiful, perfect football. A player can achieve perfection through a combination of strength in combat, skilled team play and extraordinary ball actions – Fighting, Strategy and Style. If these fundamental elements of football are united, Kingstyle Football is created.

Whilst many players have already mastered the fighting and strategic element of football, the element of style is still under-represented in today’s game. In our vision we see style-orientated football as the future of the game.

Styles and tricks could be used on the big field 11 vs 11, but this doesn’t seem to be the right place to bring out the maximum of the beautiful game. The right place is on the streets, on the spot in your hood wherever on earth you are. On the streets you are free and it’s on you to go out and celebrate the game.

Street Football Players
Football is for everyone. You just need a ball and a spot where you can meet with other players. Football is communication, it’s a language you can speak with people all over the world, even if you couldn’t communicate with words. We want you to come together to show your skills, to push each other and to get the respect you deserve!

Kingstyle Football is what we like to see when players perform on the pitch. The beautiful game is what we love, played on the streets. Our mission is to develop and drive the future of street football.

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StreetSpot - Kingstyle Football