Kingstyle Football Philosophy – Elements of Football

Kingstyle Football Philosophy

Become a perfect football player


In the game of football a player can achieve perfection through a combination of strength in combat, skilled team play and extraordinary ball technique – Fighting, Strategy and Style.

If these fundamental elements of football are united, Kingstyle Football is created.


With the three elements Fighting, Strategy and Style you can categorize the entire actions of the players in a game. To train football efficiently and bring your skills to the maximum, you should strictly be focused on the actions you may perform on the pitch. This is how we from StreetSpot – Kingstyle Football look at the game!

We want to help you as a player to achieve the level of a Kingstyler, and make you better as a Fighter, as a Strategist and as a Styler.


To improve your Styler Skills check out the book “FUSSBALL TRIX” (upcoming in English) and the Football Tricks Tutorial App “Master of Football Trix 3D” available for iOS and Android.

> App “Master of Football Trix 3D”